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Highland Dental: The Game Changer in Dental Care

Choose Highland Dental for your family’s dental care. Located in Casper, WY, our knowledgeable team offers a wide range of services, from routine check-ups to same-day crowns to complex dental procedures. Equipped with the latest technology, we ensure you receive the most advanced and effective treatments. Beyond technology, our priority is your comfort. With us, you’ll always experience exceptional customer service with kindness and respect.

Comprehensive Dentistry

Exams & Cleanings

Regular teeth cleanings are crucial for your oral health. Our cleanings tackle plaque, tartar, and food buildup. We suggest bi-annual visits to oversee any changes in the mouth and supply resources to boost your at-home cleaning.

Digital X-rays

X-rays provide vital information for oral health. They check for cavities, gum disease, and abnormalities. Our digital radiography system reduces patient radiation exposure by up to 90%.

Composite Fillings

Get composite fillings for damaged teeth and an improved smile. Matched to your natural teeth in color and texture, they are nearly invisible compared to silver fillings.

CEREC Same Day Crowns

CEREC same-day crowns quickly restore the natural function and appearance of broken or cracked teeth. If you’ve undergone a restorative procedure like a root canal, a crown can protect you from further damage. Crowns are ideal for teeth that cannot be repaired with bonding materials.

Dental Implant Restoration

Dental implants are comfortable and highly durable, closely resembling natural teeth and providing lifelong tooth replacement options. They also offer relief to difficulty while eating and speaking.

Teeth Whitening

Get a brighter smile in just one visit with our safe and effective in-office teeth whitening. Our treatment can improve your color by six to eight shades, delivering fast results.

Preventative Dentistry

At Highland Dental, our focus is preventing dental issues and promoting oral health. Our preventative services – cleanings, exams, fluoride treatments, and more – supplement your at-home dental hygiene. Fight cavities, gum disease, decay, and more.

Children’s Dentistry

We create a caring and comfortable environment for children. A positive experience promotes healthy habits like brushing, flossing, and maintaining a healthy diet during future visits.

Root Canals

Root canals relieve tooth pain and prevent infection caused by trauma or decay. Dr. Storrud will clean and fill the infected tooth, then restore it with a dental crown or filling, preserving its natural function.


Missing teeth can be restored with long-lasting dental bridges, which close gaps and prevent teeth from shifting. This ensures a properly aligned bite, avoids unsightly gaps, and reduces risks of shifting teeth, gum disease, and TMJ pain.


Severely decayed, broken, or misplaced teeth may require extraction to relieve pain and combat bacteria. After an assessment, we can decide the best replacement option to help restore your smile.

Nitrous Oxide

We utilize nitrous oxide to provide a comfortable and anxiety-free experience for our patients. Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” is a safe and effective sedation option that helps relieve dental anxiety and promotes relaxation during dental procedures.

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